Boom, Bust, Repeat by Nick Peña

Art of the Week

Nick Peña’s Boom, Bust, Repeat is exemplary (in title, message and form) of his solo exhibition “Cyclical,” running until February 23 at Channel to Channel.

Not only does the circular shape and moniker of the piece indicate a sequential symmetry, but the duel nature of the layered material and the representational outlines convey the larger themes found throughout the show.

“Nick Peña’s works range from painting to multimedia installations that question the ever-changing psychological landscape of America; asking the viewer to re-examine their perceptions of the ‘American Dream’ and the effects that pursuit has on our environment,” according to the gallery. “Persistently researching these topics has led him to create landscapes built on dichotomies: past and present, representation and abstraction, analog and digital, and stability and instability.”

To create the pieces in the show, Peña laser cut Sintra PVC board as the white layers placed over watercolor and acrylic paintings.

Peña lives in Memphis and works as an associate professor of art at Christian Brothers University. To complement contemporary art studies in Scotland and explorations of adaptive technology, he received an MFA at the University of Missouri.

Channel to Channel is located at 507 Hagan Street in We-Ho.

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