Pinkie by Amelia Briggs

Art of the Week

Elephant Gallery, a studio and exhibition space in North Nashville, is not merely hosting “Moppet,” the latest exhibition from local artist Amelia Briggs. The space has been completely consumed by it.

“Moppet” is no humble exhibition, it is a full-scale installation transforming the gallery space in Briggs’ own colorful, expansive imagination until March 30. It features oversized inflatables, furniture and interior decoration combined to capture the artist’s vision of a childhood playroom.

“The colors, shapes and lines associated with toys, games and objects of my youth get broken down and pieced together to form bloated objects that appear to be inflated,” according to an artist’s statement shared with Art of Nashville. “Acting as relics, each is personal and universal, suggestive of history and a search for identity.”

With the piece Pinkie, for instance, Briggs is not presenting a specific shape or reference but rather a communal essence of childhood that may spark nostalgia in others. It’s comprised of fabric, faux fur, Poly-Fil, acrylic and latex. Those visiting the installation will have a difficult time keeping their inner children at bay.

Briggs is a local gallery director who regularly exhibits her own work at studios throughout Nashville (as well as the rest of the country) and has been featured at Red Arrow Gallery, Zeitgeist Gallery and David Lusk Gallery, among others. She received her Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Memphis.

Elephant Gallery is located at 1411 Buchanan Street in North Nashville.

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