Essence of Calm by Peter Kuttner

Art of the Week

Despite its history as humankind’s most ancient form of creative expression, visual art is constantly iterated upon by contemporary creators and new processes and skills are always emerging.

For proof, look no further than Peter Kuttner, a visual artist who combines a number of techniques to create art uniquely suited for the contemporary world. In Essence of Calm, a large-scale mixed media piece currently on view at Nashville’s Bennett Galleries, for instance, Kuttner has turned the painted canvas into a background plane, layering cut-out shapes on top of it to add new dimension and depth. It is an approach to creating visual art that helps Kuttner comment on some thoroughly modern dynamics.

“[Kuttner] exploits the painted plane as a structure of opportunity for depth by layering textures, colors and finishes,” according to the gallery. “His technical skill, paired with an organic style and neutral palette captures the tension between city life and the inevitability of quiet moments to be found there. He considers the textures of urban existence, from our emotional responses to the physical environment to the everyday practical concern of inhabiting a densely populated city.”

In addition to Essence of Calm, Bennett Galleries is currently hosting several other pieces from Kuttner. Since 1977, the gallery has housed contemporary paintings and sculptures and offered custom framing services.

Kuttner received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Ringling College of Art & Design in Florida. His work has been featured in television shows including “Californication” and “Nashville” and is on display in several museums and collections around the world. His work is part of the permanent collection of the International Museum of Collage in Santa Fe. A video of Kuttner’s process can be found on his website.

Bennett Galleries is located at 2104 Crestmoor Road in Green Hills.

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