The Edge of Town by Brian Edmonds

Art of the Week

One should never overlook the power that simple geometry can bring to visual art.

A simple line is never really a simple line. The meaning of familiar symbols should never be taken for granted. And the very nature of space itself is best contemplated in relation to the most basic outlines.

You won’t find a better argument for how less can be more than in The Edge of Town by Brian Edmonds, one of the works on display for Red Arrow Gallery’s latest show, “In Between,” running until June 15, 2019. In it, he has demonstrated the contrast of positive and negative space, raised questions about our reliance on patterns and set the table for a variety of tangible sensations — all with a handful of colored rectangles.

“My work is focused on creating an abstract environment,” Edmonds said in an artist statement provided by the gallery. “One that is populated by symbols, shapes, lines, positive/negative space and pattern. It is through the relationship of these objects that a painterly vocabulary emerges. Is a ‘Z’ a ‘Z’? Is it a zig zag, an awkward line, a road leading you into the dark, a lightning bolt or a symbol with personal meaning?”

Edmonds’s deep yet unadorned work makes a surprisingly complex comment on space within the flat canvas, all with the use of line in abstraction. In this way, it syncs well with the other pieces featured in “In Between.” The show also includes layered, ambiguous work from Bryce Speed and geometric linen by Alex McClurg. All three artists are based in Alabama.

Edmonds has displayed his work in Nashville, Huntsville and New York City, as well as Cyprus and London. He also maintains the Curating Contemporary online exhibition space and blog.

Red Arrow Gallery is located at 919 Gallatin Avenue, Suite #4, in East Nashville.

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