Evening On The Water by Andrea Jacobson

Art of the Week

The DBO Gallery in The Nashville Arcade, a collection of shops, restaurants and galleries in the heart of downtown’s arts district, will play host to the first-ever show from painter Andrea Jacobson from September 7 to 30, 2019.

Jacobson’s work for the show includes a combination of landscape, portrait and abstract paintings, including the recent piece Evening On The Water.

The image for the piece was inspired by a photograph taken by Jacobson’s son while kayaking on the Chesapeake Bay near Tidewater, Virginia. She used a green wash for the background and then added details using an alla prima technique — a process in which layers of wet paint are applied on top of other layers before they dry. It’s a technique that has led to some of the most influential visualizations of water bodies in history, such as Winslow Homer’s Rowing Home.

“Due to the layering of the different colors, the water appears to have a shimmer when viewed in person that is not apparent in print,” Jacobson explained. “The variation in texture and color is also a plus when viewing in person.”

Evening On The Water is exemplary of the rest of the collection to be exhibited at DBO Gallery, particularly in technique and effect.

“This piece is a good representation of my collection,” the artist said. “Many of the pieces have a similar palette, have a bright under wash, then painted alla prima. My subjects are frequently inspired by nature.”

Jacobson began drawing before attending college, then largely dropped the pursuit to focus on software design and parenting. She took up painting in 2009 and has pursued it as a hobby ever since, recently doing so on a daily basis.

DBO Gallery is located in The Nashville Arcade, 65 Arcade Alley. The collection can be viewed by appointment only. To make an appointment, contact the gallery at (615) 669-9701.

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