Cutting Edge by Dustin Hedrick

Art of the Week

Some may see static visual art as lacking in the immersive power found in more dynamic media like film, sensory immersion or augmented reality. But then there are installations like Dustin Hedrick’s Cutting Edge, now on view at Channel To Channel in We-Ho.

Hedrick is also Channel To Channel’s founder and director, whose gallery has housed progressive installations before. By expanding beyond the gallery walls and using the negative space of the room itself, Cutting Edge encompasses its surroundings and viewers’ perceptions as effectively as any multidimensional installation might — a particularly poignant and powerful approach given the piece’s subject matter.

Cutting Edge is an exhibition that combines gallery and studio into one space,” Channel To Channel explained in a press release. “The walls and floors of the gallery will be covered in light blue paint and red tape to create an abstract portrait installation of [Hedrick’s] unborn son. The title refers to cutting-edge technology, specifically the 3D ultrasound where an image of the fetus is obtainable. Hedrick is using this ultrasound photograph of sorts to inspire and inform his newest work… The name also refers to the process used to cut and create the tape installation.”

The fact that Hedrick’s actual place of business is now taken over by an image of his child is an added layer of poignancy. He has taken this approach to art making before, but its borderless nature seems especially resonate given the all-encompassing responsibility and perspective of parenthood.

“Hedrick’s work often deals with the merging of different people’s portraits through black tape on the wall along with the use of color, abstraction and jagged, twisted lines,” per the gallery. “This exhibit marks more of a return to abstraction as the line work represents the uncertainty and ambiguity of fatherhood.”

It’s a clever and experiential way to translate some of this personal gravity, all the more impressive considering that the artist has accomplished it by sticking tape to the wall.

Hedrick was born in Mississippi and has studied at Mississippi State University, Watkins College of Art and the Vinceza School of Architecture in Italy. His work has been exhibited throughout the Southeast.

Channel to Channel is located at 507 Hagan Street in We-Ho.

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