Laminae by Kayla Rumpp

Art of the Week

Following a break from in-person exhibitions due to the novel coronavirus, during which it still hosted the online-only show “Pockets Of Real Passion,” Nashville’s Channel to Channel gallery has reopened with a solo show from Knoxville-based artist Kayla Rumpp.

To exhibition is titled “Betula” and features Rumpp’s signature three-dimensional pieces that defy the typical definitions of painting or sculpture. The brightly-colored work clings to the gallery walls, but through the use of form and material, breaks through the flat plain that typically constrains paintings.

“Rumpp creates work inspired by the relationship between paintings and sculpture with a childlike approach to ingenuity and invention,” according to a statement from the gallery. “Materials, color, texture, form and light all play key parts in the sensory experience created for the viewer. Conventional materials, such as wooden popsicle sticks, are reimagined in their use to create provoking, interactive works.”

Laminae, like other pieces in “Betula,” uses form and unique material to literally break free of the gallery wall and approach viewers.

This hybrid approach means that the exhibition’s individual pieces, like Laminae, engage with viewers in a unique and thought-provoking way, making for a dynamic experience that Rumpp hopes will grow with visitors.

“Color and soft texture embrace the sensory, providing the eye with a sense of touch, and an allure to move the hand closer. I am intrigued by the physical encounter a viewer might have when interacting with the work,” according to a statement from the artist. “My hope is to create an immersive work that confronts the viewer to experience the piece with an altered perception that is slowly formed and evolves in time with the piece.”

Though the show is scheduled to close on July 25, Rumpp’s work is sure to engage visitors who are able to see it in person or access the images online.

Rummp holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and Master of Science degree in art education from the University of Tennessee. Her work has been exhibited widely throughout Tennessee since 2015.

Channel to Channel is located at 507 Hagan Street in We-Ho.

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